— SDR Slat Rubber —


New Smooth, Sloped And Softer Option.

SDR Slat Rubber was designed to improve the comfort, welfare and performance of beef cattle housed on concrete slats.

Designed with a smooth and sloped profile, SDR Slat Rubber is softer for increased comfort and has an 5 year warranty.

It is suitable for installation in walkways, passageways and slatted housing.

Automatic and robotic scrapers, which have been adjusted for use on rubber floors can be used to clean this product. Ideal for cleaning with a pressure washer or water hose.


  • Softer for increased animal comfort and welfare.
  • Smooth & sloped surface to facilitate fast run off.
  • Reduces lameness.
  • Increases productivity - Average daily weight gains for cattle.
  • Better feed conversion.
  • Suitable for use with scrapers.


  • Smooth and sloped surface with slip strips.
  • Patented two strip rubber system with wedges.
  • Ribbed profile underside.
  • Custom sizes available for all slat sizes.


Custom sizes available for all slat sizes.


5 years