— Easyfix Cow Cubicles —


The revolutionary Cubicle delivers the freedom of the outdoors-indoors and is proven to maximise cow comfort, improve safety and increase performance.

Since the launched of the Cubicle in 2009 we have sold 105,000 cubicles in 28 countries around the world.

The addition of the flexible rubber loop in 2014 has been a major success transforming the cubicle into the ‘Safest and most comfortable cow cubicle in the world’.

Our flexible cubicle system accommodates the size of each cow, encourages cows to lie correctly and for longer periods. Increased lying times combined with improved cow comfort leads to higher milk production.

The flexible cubicle arms, rubber loop and rubber neckrail brackets provide freedom of movement into and out of the cubicle leading to a significant reduction in injuries.

Reducing injuries is a major factor that contributes to a reduction in healthcare and veterinary costs, as well as lowering replacement rates.

The fixed rubber coupling is designed to attach the neckrail to the cubicle. Its molded natural rubber composition is cow friendly and requires no maintenance.

The new patented flexible rubber coupling is designed to accommodate larger cows and improves their comfort and welfare.

The Scratcher is a new innovative cubicle accessory designed to provide environmental enrichment and increased cow comfort. It has been developed to enrich the cows’ environment and encourages increased cubicle use.


  • Flexible and moveable arms lead to a reduction in injuries.
  • All cow sizes are accommodated.
  • Cows are encouraged to lie correctly in the cubicle bed.
  • Cubicle beds are more spacious; cows lie down quicker and for longer periods.
  • Improving cow comfort reduces healthcare, veterinary costs & cow mortality.
  • Increased resting time leads to higher milk production.
  • Improved cow welfare and better condition.
  • Reduced replacement rates.


  • Flexible plastic pipes, rubber loop and rubber neckrail couplings.
  • Fixed and flexible rubber couplings now available.
  • Post manufactured from 4mm box steel (Traditional steel cubicles are 2.7 – 3.0 mm)
  • Easy to install and adjust.
  • Available in red, green and blue.


10 Years