— Rope Scraper —


The Agrislurry Eco-Clean Rope/Cable Scraper System can be used to clean up to four passages with the same drive unit controlling all the scrapers. 

This system can clean very long slurry passages up to 200 metres in length using a combination of high-quality robust winches. Though by using Agrislurry’s patented double-winch system on two passageways you can save on both time and labour as one scraper cleans whilst the other is backing up. The double-winch system also eliminates the need for running two independent winch units on installation.

Our new 20cm diameter x 20cm wide winch drum has been designed to make your life easier – this unique design allows optimal lateral movement of the rope/cable as it is being wrapped around the rotating drum. The coiling is made without stress and without excessive friction – which is usually the cause of premature wear in the equipment and cable.

The hydraulic power pack is driven by a low-consumption electric motor and the whole system is controlled by a user-friendly electronic control panel which the farmer can easily set to operate on both manual and auto functions. The auto function can be set to operate at various hourly intervals throughout the 24 hour cycle.

Ideal for:

  • Cleaning very long passageways
  • Freedom in installation location
  • Long Lasting durability and a smooth operation